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2 Years - 3 Years

The Toddler area is open plan to promote a more independent way of learning where children have a choice of both free and adult-initiated activities.

They are encouraged to be creative in both their artwork and with music and dance. We have different areas to promote the children’s free play, including a mark making space for drawing and creative activities which has sand and other changeable resources.

There is also a role play area and a soft, quiet area for looking at books and sleeping. We have regular circle time where we read stories and say ‘good morning’ to our friends.

We take the children outside as much as possible where they enjoy riding on balance bikes and playing in the little painted house. They make mud pies in the digging area and love puddle splashing on a rainy day. They walk around the village hand-in-hand, watch the buses coming and going and regularly visit the shop and Church.