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3 Years - 5 Years

Our Pre-School children are encouraged to be independent free-thinkers influencing their own planning and activities. We encourage free-flow play inside and out as much as possible – they have their own separate entrance at the front of the building.

They have a role play area, a dedicated table for drawing & writing, painting, a scientific investigation area and a cosy corner with books and soft toys.

Outside our children go into the garden where they learn about our natural world. They learn to explore new things and enjoy story-telling under the tree.

In the village, we take part in ‘Pushchair Praise’ at the local church where we enjoy singing and storytime. We all attend the Remembrance Day service in the village and we have also enjoyed visits to the local vet surgery.

We have close links with Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School and other schools in the area, to assist our children in making a smooth transition into school life.