Newsletter December 2018

Welcome to Clifton Upon Teme Early Years Centre Finlay Haywood, Jacob Neale and Lola French!

Our focus
This term the children have been learning about festivals and celebrations, including Diwali, bonfire night, Hanukkah, Shichi-go-san and of course….Christmas!

Pushchair Praise!
The children are still visiting Rev. Sherwin and Curate Becky at St. Kenelms Church, once a month on Wednesday mornings. The Pre-School Praise session lasts around  30 minutes and involves some fun songs, stories and activities with puppets based around the bible. This is for some, their first experiences of church.

‘Special’ items
If your child has a ‘special’ toy, please try and leave it in their drawer when they arrive. We know that children have these transitional objects- be it a blanket, a cuddly toy etc, but if brought into Nursery they are likely to lose them which causes much distress to your child, and staff do not always have time to search for them. If they are left in their drawer or at home, they will be safe and easy to find should your child need them.

Christmas Cards
By the time you read this, your child will have completed their very own Christmas Card and had it made into lovely glossy cards and labels for you to send to family and friends this Christmas! A lovely personalised card and it helps raise funds that benefit Nursery too! This year it raised £40 for Nursery. Thank you for your support and we hope that you, your friends and family love the cards!

Parents Meetings
Parents meetings are planned on Monday December 17th and Tuesday December 18th. We invite you to make an appointment with your child’s key person to discuss their time here at Nursery. You can do this by choosing a time slot on the staff board in the cloakroom. Your child’s key person is listed there too.

Cold weather
Now the weather is becoming colder, please ensure that your child brings a warm waterproof coat, and hat to Nursery. Gloves are essential! In the event of snowfall- please listen to BBC Hereford & Worcester. If Clifton Primary School is mentioned as closed then so are we, and make sure you are signed up to the classdojo so that we can notify you of bad weather or possible closure. Thank you.


Nursery Photographs
Robin Sandry Photography came in on Wednesday 21st November. He promises to have orders complete in time for Christmas. There were some really lovely photos taken of the children.

Message from our Trustees!
Our annual AGM is Monday 3rd December in Rowberry Room at Clifton Village Hall at 7pm. All welcome.  We are sorry that John Fletcher has now decided to retire. He has been a huge asset to the Nursery and we would like to thank him for all he has done for us.

Changes around Nursery
As you may already have noticed, we have been making changes to the layout of the main room. The new areas divide the room into learning zones. Construction, writing, messy play and sand, home, snack, nature &seasons, and quiet area. Literacy and maths are encompassed in all the areas. We are further developing this as time and money allows. We have also had a new fence put up in the back garden and have applied for funds to develop this area further. A new staff room to allow staff breaks away from the children was developed during the holidays, as well as a new fire exit to the side of the building.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We close on Friday December 21st and re open for all year round
children on January 3rd and term time children on January 7th 2019.