Newsletter March 2018

Dear Parents,

Well, it’s been an eventful spring term at Clifton EYC, and hopefully we have seen the last of this winter’s snowfall.

What we’ve been doing
Staff have started to put up an ‘All About Me’ display. This PSED activity is aimed to not only provide staff with an insight into the child’s world but also gives a sense of belonging to the children here at ‘their’ nursery and show them how important they are to us. The activities planned were focused around Nursery/ traditional stories & Chinese New Year for Pre-School and Toddlers and Nursery traditional stories for the Babies.

New Faces!
This term we welcomed Dixie, William, Crue, Milly, Isabelle and Freddie to the Nursery.

Paracetamol and Ibuprofen Suspension
There are two main risks from paracetamol or ibuprofen suspension – it may mask the symptoms of a more serious medical problem, and the possibility of overdose if we give it to a child with a high temperature,  having not been made aware that they’ve already been given it at home. The other risk is that your child will build immunity to these medicines; they work less because they have it all the time.  If a child needs paracetamol or ibuprofen suspension they cannot be admitted to the Nursery and will therefore regrettably not be accepted into our care on that day in line with Clifton Early Years  policies and guidelines’. In light of recent training and Babcock guidance we have reviewed our First Aid Policy. Parents are warned against giving paracetamol and ibuprofen for mild fever in this link.

Spare clothes
Please make sure that your child always has a set of spare clothes on their peg. This is for a number of reasons, toileting accidents, outdoor play and water play. If you have any unwanted items for our clothing stock please pass them to a member of staff. Thank you.

Recent staff training has been in Food Hygiene, First Aid and Safeguarding.

A Big Moment
Our new website has gone live!!!! Very excitingly and only a year in the making! We hope you like our new fresh look, find it easy to navigate and that it has all the information you require. News will be posted up there and it has a direct link to our Facebook page. Let us know what you think of it, your views are welcomed!

We still have student Abi on Mondays and Tuesday.  She is on her Level 3 CCLD at HOW college. This is her second placement here, now in the main room focusing on ages 2 to 5 years. Her first placement here in the baby room was successful hence we agreed for her to continue with the focus on older children.

World Book Day
World Book Day on Thursday March 1st was hugely successful and all children loved dressing up as a favourite character! Lovely photos were placed on the classdojo. Weather, however, did stop some children being able to attend and take part on that day. Don’t worry though, another dress up day is planned really soon!

Foyer/ Cloakroom
Parents/ Staff and Community boards have been created in the foyer to make the entrance hall more appealing and eye catching, both to existing and prospective parents. I also hope that it encourages you to look at what has been put up as they are more organised and less overwhelming to the eye.

Easter Egg Trail
We had a hugely successful Easter Egg Trail on the 25th March! And the sun shone for us! A huge thank you to all those that came, to all our volunteers (Kat Conway and Wendy Gibson in particular!) and our trustees for all their help. We made in the region of £880 which is just fantastic and will go towards the improvement of our outside areas. A big thank you to all the local businesses and individuals that donated to our raffle, and to Tesco and Spa in Tenbury who donated over half of our prizes!